namespace Control


Namespace for all Protoplasm user input controls.


  • Control.Accordion

    Stacked title bars slide up and down to reveal different sections of content.

  • Control.ColorPicker

    Transforms an ordinary input textbox into an interactive color chooser, allowing the user to select a color from a swatch palette.

  • Control.DatePicker

    Transforms an ordinary input textbox into an interactive date picker. When the textbox is clicked (or the down arrow is pressed), a calendar appears that the user can browse through and select a date.

  • Control.Expander

    Expands / hides a content panel when the header is clicked.

  • Control.FileChooser

    Displays a file chooser when a user clicks on the file select icon in the input control. Requires a user-provided function to provide directory queries (static or via AJAX).

  • Control.FileUpload

    Creates a user-friendly file upload control out of a normal <input type="file"> field.

  • Control.LiveGrid

    Transforms a table into a dynamically updating, scrolling viewport that can be populated via AJAX queries.

  • Control.RatingBar

    Create a click-a-star style rating bar.

  • Control.RTE

    An in-browser WYSIWYG rich text editor for IE 6+, Firefox 1.0+. Designed for AJAX applications based on the Prototype library.

  • Control.TabStrip

    Converts a tree of elements into a tab strip widget to switch between panels of content.

  • Control.Ticker

    Creates a scrolling ticker (for stock quotes, etc) out of a series of elements.

  • Control.TimePicker

    Transforms an ordinary input textbox into a time picker.

  • Control.TreeList

    Creates a collapsible tree out of an unordered list element.

  • Control.TreeSelect

    Creates a heirarchical select list.