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Licensed under the GPL v2.0

Protoplasm is a collection of javascript user interface controls for web sites, built on Prototype. It provides your users with a rich browsing experience without confusing the interface or creating a distraction.

Intuitive Input Controls

Protoplasm gives you a ready-to-use input control library that makes complex user interactions simple. From basic controls like date and color pickers to more advanced ones like an HTML editor, Protoplasm's goal is to make your life easier and your user's experience more fun.

Built With Prototype

Protoplasm is built on top of the world-class Prototype javascript library, guaranteeing that your web site will look and act the same no matter what browser you are using. If you're already using Prototype, Protoplasm will fit right in.

Easily Extendable

Protoplasm is developer-friendly. It's a snap to create new widgets and integrate them into the Protoplasm loading framework. Making websites beautiful has never been so easy!