Installation and Configuration


Downpour is written in Python.

Required modules:

Installation from PyPI (easy_install)

Downpour is available from PyPI, so if you use easy_install or pip, installation is as easy as running one of the following commands:

easy_install Downpour


pip install Downpour

You will need to manually install libtorrent, since it is not available on PyPI. Most linux distributions have this packaged for you (python-libtorrent on Ubuntu).

After installation, create a configuration file in /etc/downpour.cfg (sample) and ensure that the directories listed in the config file are writable by the downpour user.

Manual Installation

To install manually, download the source package and perform the following steps:

  1. Verify that python-setuptools is installed

  2. Unpack the source package into a local directory

  3. Download and manually install libtorrent. Most linux distributions have this packaged for you (python-libtorrent on Ubuntu). Other dependencies will be downloaded and installed automatically during setup.

  4. Run the following command in the directory you unpacked Downpour into:

    sudo python install

    If you do not have root access, you can install it in your user directory with:

    python install --user

  5. Copy cfg/downpour.cfg to /etc/downpour.cfg and customize it, ensuring the directories listed in it are writable by the downpour user.

Starting Downpour

To start the downpour daemon, run the following command:

downpourd -c [config-file]

(Note: the daemon does not run on Windows yet; Windows users can only launch it in debug mode. If anyone wants to create a real launcher for Windows, please email it to me at

When launching as root, you can specify the user or group to run as with "--user" and "--group". Specifying a user or group on the command line is unnecessary if you have already specified one in downpour.cfg, since Downpour will automatically drop privileges after setup (useful if you want to use port 80 for the web interface.) User and group options are not available on Windows.

Run "downpourd --help" to view additional runtime options.

You can access the web interface at http://localhost:6280 (or whatever address/port you configured in downpour.cfg.) The default login is "admin" / "password". You can change the admin password in "My Account" once logged in, or setup additional users in the "Users" section.

Stopping Downpour

To stop the daemon, run the following command:

downpourd stop

It may take a few seconds to stop while it cleanly closes all bittorrent connections.