Get Downpour Current version: Downpour-0.2.tar.gz
Licensed under the GPL v2.0

Downpour is a web-based BitTorrent client. It supports auto-downloading from RSS feeds and automatic importing and renaming of downloads into a media library, making it ideal for use on a home media server.

Screenshot of the main download window


  • Background downloading of files via BitTorrent and HTTP
  • Remote web interface for managing downloads, with realtime download queue status updates via JSON
  • Monitor RSS feeds for new media and automatically add new items to the download queue
  • Intelligent detection of media metadata
  • Automatic import of completed downloads into a local media library following your own file organization and renaming rules (based on media metadata)
  • Local media library browser
  • Rate, connection and concurrent download limiting
  • Ability to bind to specific network interface (only on Linux), such as a VPN interface.
  • Multiple user support for shared servers

Planned features:

  • Integrated multi-provider search engine
  • FTP downloads
  • GNOME mimetype handler to remotely add torrent files to a Downpour server
  • Language translations